Serious rehydration
For the seriously dehydrated
Why choose HYDRA+
The science of electrolytes

Electrolytes are minerals required for a healthy function of your body. As fluid is lost from your body, replenish with HYDRA+. Its perfect balance of electrolytes and glucose ensure faster absorption – helping you get better, faster.

Made with real fruit juice*

HYDRA+ promises you delicious and effective rehydration. Made with delicious fruit juice*, our electrolyte rehydration solution is designed to provide the rehydration you need and the great taste you’ll love!

*In ready-to-drink version

Our rehydration solutions

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Fast and effective rehydration available in a range of delicious, all-natural flavours.

Discover our on-the-go powders

Portable and convenient, HYDRA+ powder sachets are ideal for helping to prevent dehydration while travelling or on-the-go.


Healthcare Professionals

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General Public

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Where to buy HYDRA+

Our electrolyte rehydration products are available at most major drug stores. Find out here.